February 16th, 2011

The joyful day!

CATS !!!

I have funny landlords, at some point I have to tell some stories about them. But, in my lease it states clearly that I can have one cat, fixed, front declawed. Lizzie has two cats, fixed, but not declawed. So we need some help. Here is what she posted earlier.


Do you know of anyone who would be able to take in a pair of very tame, very loving cats for 5 months? Due to moving in with one Eric Coleman, we're in a moving situation where we need to keep them somewhere else for that time until we move into a bigger place that takes multiple cats. I can guarantee they will be picked back up on time, and I will pay for cat food and litter for the entire duration of care. Giving up these two lovebugs is NOT something I want to do. They're my boys. They've been together their whole lives. We really need a hand here.

We need this place by March 13th. They will be picked up on August 6th, without fail.



An addendum to this. If they end up in Chicago they will be picked up on August 6. If they end up in Iowa or elsewhere, it may be a day or two earlier or later.
The joyful day!

I am so glad they finally got to this

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