November 12th, 2011


Tomboat tonight ...

There were some tech problems (and, surprise of all surprises, opening ceremonies ran late), but we got going ...

Desert Storm
500 Hats
Domino Death
Zombie Momma
Return of the King
Flying Car
307 Ale
Would You Like To Play A Game?
Rocket Ride

Rocket Ride may have been the biggest rush I have ever had onstage. The audience sang along, yelled along. It was a great show, now I go collapse ...
The joyful day!

Windycon Saturday

It has been a great day of music. Got to play drums for both Adam Selzer and Dave Perry. Very different shows, very different attitudes, both an amazing amount of fun. Time to crash out for an hour, then back down to see Beth Kinderman and the Player Characters, The Feng Shui Ninjas and Possible Oscar. Then see if I have enough energy to get to the music circle and play some music with Lizzie!