May 13th, 2014

The joyful day!

The update

And the verdict is in. If my thumb has gone back to where it is in the time since I had the last cortisone shot, another shot will make no difference. So, Thursday May 29.

On the plus side, he says that I can get back to playing guitar as soon as the stitches are out, and I have almost four weeks to get back to where I need be for a short set. If I am not up to it by that time, it's ok, since it's a short set opening for Heather Dale at a house concert at our place, and I can back out of that if need be, or pick songs carefully to put the least strain on my thumb.. The next show is Detcon a month later.

It will take about 5 minutes. I will be awake for it. I expect it to be kinda creepy but cool as well. I ended up with two or three stitches last time, should be the same this time. My grip will change. But the doctor seems to think that it should be workable.

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