August 16th, 2014

The joyful day!

Stam on a Saturday night!

Much fun tonight. Chocolate, music and dear, dear friends! This is the first show since I came back from being hurt that I felt like I played like I should be playing, and it showed! Much fun, much silliness, and much playing along from the audience.

Our thanks to the lovely people at Stam for treating us so well! Our thanks to Jared for helping us out these last two shows. And our thanks to our friends for coming out tonight and supporting us!

What we played tonight ...

Set 1
Witch In Your Story
If I Were The Rain
Calvin's Girl
Hot McGonnical
Single White Monster
Out Of The Light

Jared did one song - The Ocean (John Butler)

Set 2
She Moved Through The Faire
Widows Garden
Stream of Consciousness
Critters (Orpheus and Sparkle made an appearance)
A Song About Fog
Sleep No More
Snow White Red Road
Village By The Sea

It's good to be back.

Next week Nevada (Iowa)!

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