December 8th, 2016

Cheshire Moon

The Midnight Contingent recording continues!

Another recording session tonight. Got a lot of stuff done on the demos. Nine songs are done, they just need mixing.

Alice In Zombieland
Boneman's Daughter
Call Me Home
Circus Of Dreams
Don't Look Now
Loki Loves You

Wednesday Lizzie goes in to work on Morrigan. It will be layers of vocals. And to record the title song.

We have 4 songs to either finish writing, or rehearse into some sort of coherency ...

Beast Within
Clotho's Harp
Ghost Train
Nighty Knights (blame Adam Whitlach for this)

Then these go off to the folks playing on the band version of the CD. And off to folks who got them as a bonus at a Concert Window show. They will also get released when the CD comes out, for those folks who like the acoustic side of Cheshire Moon.

Closer and closer to getting this part of the project done!

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