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Duckon !!!

What a wild and wooly (or is that fun and furry) weekend this was.

Way Unusually Long Entry

I got everyone up and off to where they needed to be early ... and went back to bed for a couple hours. I had found a cold somewhere overnight and figgered that with a few extra hours of sleep I would travel better.

I fell asleep with the radio on ... I was woken up by that lovely sound of a weather warning.

I got up ... jumped in the shower and threw a bunch of clothes in my bag and headed off to try to get in front of it (I had already loaded up the guitar)

I didn't ... so the first hour or so of driving was nasty ... WAY nasty ... I could only drive 65 most of that time ...

I got to Duckon around 7 or so and went looking for the Great Lukeski. Luke had asked me to play on a song with him at his show that night ... he had no chords ... funfunfun. He pointed me to an mp3 on his website of him and Tom Smith doing it earlier in the year, so I had something to go by. We got through it ... it was in A ... (I want to thank Chaz from Riverfolk for pointing that out at Capricon when Luke did it there) ... the schtick went well ... the audience laughed a lot ... it was a blast ...

I went to the circle after and was amazed when they started spreading the chairs all the way around a quite large room ... and then FILLED IT !!!

The music was amazing. Dave Clement from Winnipeg (wow ... too smooth for words), 3/5s of Riverfolk (more on Andy later ... and I have ranted about Chaz and Becca before), Nate Bucklin (who is entirely too twisted for words ... he and I gotta hang out), and the guests of honor Bill and Brenda Sutton ... who sat in the back and were real quiet friday night. I only played two songs, WYSIWYG and Hey Dad, the circle was huge and it got back around to me very late. But who cares really ... the music was incredible.

So I headed back to polyfrog's house and actually got a good night's sleep.

The next day I wandered around the con for a couple of hours and saw a bunch of friends. anach and jerusha (who also was one of the music room coordinators along with the very wonderful Jan ... who I cannot thank enough) and I must say that Anach's version of Roman Wall Blues is killer, way different than mine, which is way different from any of Alex's. I think that Alex would be proud.

I found my way back to the music room and discovered that I was going to be following Riverfolk (or several of them) and Dave Clement ... ouch ... all playing together ... DOUBLE OUCH !!!

I was worried about my voice (that whole cold thing) and went into the back hallway to see if there was anything that I COULDN'T get through. Everything went fine so I stood outside the side door and listened to the folks above ... wow ... I hope to get that good when I grow up ... but since I have no intention of growing up ...

I played a good set ... held the audience ... and there were a lot of old friends there. Sue Urban, who gave me a gig at her, now late and much lamented, monthly coffee house sat right in front. It was nice to have a friendly face that close. Anach was there, Barb of the Basement fame and various other folks as well as a lot of faces that I had not seen before.

J’S Wild Appalachian Stomp
Bang My Bald Spot
The Things You Never Know
Oh Shannon
Product Might Be Hot
Color Of Your Eyes
Trophy Wife
Low Self Esteem Talking Blues
Roman Wall Blues

I think that this was the order I played them in ... oh ... and the song as well ... I always have an outline for a full length show but never a real set list, just call them as the mood strikes me and in an attempt to follow the mood of the audience.

I went out to dinner with tanac and mutantur at ... drum roll please ... PITA INN !!! My absolute favorite place to eat in the world.

Got back and I wandered around for awhile and in the meantime sold several CDs. The end count was 11 (with one NOT PAID FOR YET ... you know who you are).

I got to hang with Polyfrog a lot. For those who don't know ... we are (a really cheesy fanfare needs to go here)


I was sick though ... so we were pretty half-schticked ...

Hit the circle as it was starting and man ... the music was even better. I played my very first filk song ... M.O.R.I.A. to the tune of Van (the man) Morrison's Gloria. It was UGLY ... way ugly ... I was proud ... the room got it right away (of course ... it's a con) and shouted out the chorus and the double joke at the end got a good laugh. I also played Hey Dad again and ... for the crowning musical moment as far as I was concerned ... 905 by the Who. In my yearly radio show I delight in coming up with SF/Fantasy songs from un-SF/Fantasy sources ... and this is one that I am starting to do occasionally. Andy from Riverfolk was sitting in back of me and as soon as I started playing he started tossing these incredibily lovely violin lines over me ... I wanted to stop and just listen to him ...

My voice was a disaster by this time (my friend Phil came up and asked if it hurt as bad as it sounded and that I should get some sleep if it did) and I headed off to bed.

Not a lot more really, I came back noonish and wandered around, sold a few more CDs and went to a panel about the state of filk music. I like all the folks I met and I hope to see some of them again. It was a killer weekend.

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