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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Some CDs

I picked up a couple CDs when I was at Windycon. Some quick comments

Tom Smith - Live At Marcon
I am a firm believer, as much as I like Tom's studio stuff, that live is the way to experience him. I now have this and the GaFilk show on my harddrive here at work, and I really think this is the better of the two (but only barely). It's available at, like many on my friend's are not likely to know that already. The best thing I can say about it, it severely hurt the Moose on the drive home. He now regrets not having seen filkertom in concert. Go buy it now. Buy the GaFilk show too. You got any more of these Tom ???

Nate Bucklin - Water Over The Bridge
I have only had one listen to it, which is certainly enough to know that it's great. Nate's songs amaze me. I will say, and this is hardly a secret really, but his secret weapon is really Louie. For the record I want to say to her ... the production is superb. More on the CD after I get a few more chances to listen to it.
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