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I used to see this couple playing out on State street every summer day. He was this big rangy hillbilly looking guy who was an amazing blues player and she was this tiny little woman who held a bass that she barely played, and that usually dwarfed her, who had this astoundingly huge voice. They called themselves the Chicago Brother And Sister Blues Band

Someone I work with saw them in New Orleans and were amazed. Bought one of the CDs and showed it to me. I hadn't heard anything about them in years but they were still amazing. I made a copy of the CD since I had no way of finding them for a copy of my own.

The person I work with came up to ask me if I still had the CD as her's was missing. I said I did and I could bring it in tuesday to copy for her.

I did a quick search to see if I could find anything about them. I found this.

DOWN BY THE BAY A blues story with all the requisite elements: love, booze and death

Apparantly in a drunken argument, Bruce killed Juliette and dumped her body into San Francisco Bay.

What a waste.
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