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From Cityview

Best Local Artist
Lee Ann Conlan

Lee Ann Conlan's main clients wear masks, play instruments and recently won a Grammy. Of course we're talking about Slipknot. And apparently they're fans of Conlan's work, whose charcoal drawings, acrylic paintings and mixed-media collages often depict the human form - whether it's with flesh or without. "They tend to be kind of dark," the 31-year-old Conlan says of her work, which she creates full-time out of her home. Most of her paintings are by commission - though prints are available for a select few. She also does nude drawings and paintings of clients. And though she had a show at ArtDive in 2005, she doesn't display her work that often. However, scans of her work can be found on her Web site,

Lee Ann is the wife of John Conlan, who is a dear friend and will hopefully be playing some drums on the next CD (yeah I know, someday). Her art is amazing.

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