Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

At long last ... Capricon, the novel (although not as long as usual)

I left about an hour later than I planned, it's good to be back on schedule again.

I got there before rush hour got ugly. There was a problem getting into the room, but that was solved pretty quickly. I started setting gear up and exapno showed up and foolishly volunteered. I put her to work and things got set up much quicker for it. grey_lensman showed up and kindly took over the setting up of the antenna (hey, it's his, he should)

I had the station up and running within 20 minutes or so of when I wanted. I was just running random stuff all night so that was ok.

I headed off to opening ceremonies where I stepped on one of daddy_guido's jokes. It's OK dude, someone got even with me later in the weekend for it.

I didn't stay up for the circle that night, I needed sleep. Radio Capricon is hard to run and generally very rough on me. But ... this time

I had helpers ... I can' t thank them enough, especially khadagan, for taking over pretty much the entire friday afternoon and being there when I needed her.

Angelica Dawn for spinning till OHMYGOD:30 in the morning both friday and saturday night, then turning off the station so I didn't have to.

billroper for not only putting together 2 hours of music for me (and great stuff too, listened to it on the way home) but also doing all the leads for it. All I had to do was put in the CD.

lukeski for spinning for two hours. Between him and Bill I had pretty much the entire afternoon off to relax (and I did, went up to the room and everything)

Samuel T Clemmons for coming on the station and telling his wonderful stories and singing his wonderful songs.

The rest of the weekend is a blur, but here are some highlights.

The Bundle Clan for invading my station so many times. I got my kid fixes and got to play with a cool toy too !!!

quadrivium getting a bigger laugh with one of my jokes than I could ever dream of, even if she didn't know it till it was too late. It was perfect. I could also rant for some time about her songs and her piano playing and her wonderful voice, but I won't ... much

filker0 melting down the brains of several friends of mine with that perfectly awful song of his that I have to learn to play ...

Moonwulf and tigertoy showing that sometimes my songs can step the taste level UP a few notches, even if I declined to do so

bectod with hugs and cute pictures.

polyfrog hanging out with me in the lobby while I changed my strings, we actually had some time together this time ...

Radio Capricon for not exploding.

This was one of the nicest con experiences. The shows went well (see elsewhere for my reports on those) and I say it again, the station didn't explode.

I know there are lots of things I am forgetting, but Capricon always is a blur (no not you blur01)

So if you think I am forgetting something significant, yell at me ...
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