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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Ritual Cafe

Went tonight.

The venue is a very nice laid back funky coffee shop. Great vegetarian and vegan food (the hummus sandwich ROCKS) and a Chai that would make chirosinger purr (I sent contact info to Chaz, it's a nice place)

Let me accentuate the negative first, since I am that kinda guy ...

One side of the PA was in back of me to my left. My left ear is my good ear. I had to play with an earplug in that ear, so I sounded weird to myself, and could barely hear the guitar. Apparantly that didnt hurt my performance too much, although it did odd things for my energy level.

Only Coffee House In Town - I did this here before, I had gotten a wireless connection a couple times when I was there, then I didnt. I asked about it and the owner said "we dont have wireless, but someone in the neighborhood does, we're not sure who". The next time I was there for the old time jam I did that song. The two main folks there laughed and laughed. So I opened with it this time.
Color Of Your Eyes
Bang My Bald Spot - I finished the first verse, and woman was up and kind of dancing. She does this. Between verses I said "Hi Jenny". She then realized that she knew me. I hadnt seen her in a couple of years.

So endeth the first set.

There is this woman who showed up at the jam once, she is incredible. I wish I could think of her name. She has this wonderful husky voice.
Mary McAdams runs the old time jam and now this. Another brilliant singer and she chooses some very cool songs as well (she needs to do more of her originals though, but I'm like that)
These two guys who do old time songs, nothing more recent than about the 30s I think. They have this wonderful laid back attitude, and great musicians.
And this very young women, I think she did one original. A great voice and some nifty guitar from a friend of hers.

Hey Dad
Don't Go Home - I asked funny or serious, someone said serious so ...
Hides - my G string kept slipping (go ahead, say it, you wont be happy till you do) but even with it a little flat it was an ok version.

So a nice night, it was the first open mike there and it was a success I would say. I had a good time, the rest of the folks were very good. Now if I can just get a real gig there ...
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