Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

In honor of this solemn occasion

I present to you some lyrics about the Irish experience ...

Bodhráns On The Brain
I met her at a session, she was lookin' for lessons
In how to make a bodhrán, I told her to skin a goat
And take it back to my place, where after a couple of pints
Oh, oh I taught her everything I know
About bodhráns, that didn't take very long
But we hammered away relentlessly until the dawn
She moved in the followin' Sunday
I couldn't get up on Monday
Wrist action, stupefaction
Bodhráns on the brain
But now she lives in Spiddal
Oh, hey diddle diddle
With an alcoholic bodhrán maker
Teachin' her everything he knows
Ah, it's all in the wrist action
Grab a hoult of it and feel the traction
She left me here distracted and insane
With all them bodhráns on the brain
Worn out and tired, exhausted by desire
That bodhrán was killin' me, I was fadin' away to smoke
She rose early in the mornin', and without a word of warnin'
She'd been bangin' like a maniac, it was gone beyond a joke
No time for a pint now, or even an ould sing-song
Oh no, it was action all day and all night long
We were even doin' it in the shower,
She roared "more power to your elbow!"
Oh no, got them bodhráns on the brain
What was I to do? Fade away to nothin'?
I had to walk out on her and she went off to Dublin
Lookin' for instruction in the art of stretchin' goatskin
And drinkin' pints of porter with an ould lad 30 years older
He must treat her fantastic, oh yeah?
'Cause on windy nights I can hear them poundin'
All the way across the broad Atlantic
Listen to them!
Ah, Paddy, you know what?
You're one powerful man!
Up on yer bike, girl
Get up the yard, c'mon, stretch them goatskins!
Ah, Paddy,
You're ten times the man of that skinny little fellow
Back in New York

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