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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Whole Wheat Radio

So let's talk about Whole Wheat Radio.

alymid directed me to this station and I listen to it whenever I can. It's an indy folk internet station out of Talkeetna Alaska. You can hear all kinds of amazing music. Oddly enough you can hear my music as well. There is no accounting for taste.

Anyway, I am the featured artist April 25th.

They will be featuring my music all day. Here are some of the things they have told me.

Featuring artists is our way of focusing listener attention on a particular musician. Different songs from your CDs are played throughout the day, usually once every hour. A prominent notice that it's "Your Day" is posted in our chat along with a link to your website whenever one of your songs plays. The EJs (electronic DJs who sometimes have pronunciation issues but are part of the charm of Whole Wheat Radio) announce that it's "Your Day" every hour. We'll also surf your website live on-air at random times during the day when we are talking on the microphones. By the end of the day listeners generally know who you are and what your tunes sound like.

Dialup connection is -
High speed connection is -

I'm going to try to be in their chat system in the evening all evening (that day that is) and I'm going to try to get them the live track from the Mahtowa disc and the demo version of Hey Dad as well.
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