Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

And now ...

First of all let me say … yum … multiple yum even

Ok, anyone who was there will know what I am talking about. And yes I am talking about you, and you … oh … and them.

I played two short sets at a room party. It was a BLAST !!!

I have little idea of what order I played these in. But I played pretty much every funny song that makes it into my set regularly nowadays.

Nice Guys
Only Coffee House In Town
Low Self Esteem ...
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want (ok, it’s not funny, but I played it for a specific curvy buxom fangirl, she thanked me, I thank her)
Hey Dad !!!
Bang My Bald Spot
How Can I Miss You? (twice, once in each set)

I sold a bunch of CDs … which was the icing on the cake as it were. I needed to do that pretty desperately.

I have the humor panel tomorrow. Now I am about to head to bed.

I was a little depressed this evening. I can entertain an audience, IF I can get to the audience. I hadn’t had a chance to earlier, I did this evening.

Oh, Dr Mary oh lovely filk person … someone did the same thing you did on How Can I Miss You this evening. But you will always be the first. So I told on you …

Thank you everyone who was at the party tonight. You made my night. You made my weekend. I love a fannish audience. You always try to beat me to every line, you always listen. A performer couldn’t ask for a better audience.
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