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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bonzo dog band:
    The brilliant 60s comedy band. Best known nowadays as the band from whence came Neil Innes, he of Rutles fame, as well as the guy who did much of the songs for Monty Python And The Holy Grail (he gets a bunny dropped on him too)
  2. ed haynes:
    Brilliant singer/songwriter from Portland. I cover his song I Want To Kill Everybody
  3. goanna:
    Brilliant Australian band. Shane Howard is one of my favorite songwriters. I need to get his new CD
  4. leslie and the lys:
    Hysterical band originally from Ames, now based on the east coast somewhere. She needs to do shows with Shoebox and Devo, she really does.
  5. mountain dew:
    Nectar Of The Geeks
  6. radio stars:
    Wonderful power pop band from the 70s. I believe I ranted and raved about bass player/ songwriter Martin Gordon's recent solo work awhile ago.
  7. shane howard:
    See above.
  8. steve earle:
    Well ... it's Steve Earle Dammit !!!
    I would like to point out (as the late great Buddy Blue before me) that Toby Keith had nothing to say about Steve, but did bad mouth the Dixie Chicks ... coward
  9. tom robbins:
    Another Roadside Attraction is one of my favorite books of all time. Jitterbug Perfume right up there too
  10. young fresh fellows:
    College radio band from the 80s. Witty, rockin, funny, fun band. They only play occasionally now ... makes me sad.

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