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Eric's House Of Ego
June 16th, 2006
09:26 am


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The comedy thing
I didn't get into the finals. The competition was fierce last night. I thought I had a chance of slipping into the third place slot, but in the end I didn't have a chance.

I did Crank Generation complete with new schtick during it. I think I dropped one major line (I'll see a tape next week) but other than that it felt good.

I do think that one guy got ripped off pretty severely. He had the best response of the night and came in 4th. One judge I talked to was a little puzzled by it, he thought that the guy scored higher and must have gone over, one of the organizers was pretty certain he didn't go over. So I'm puzzled. He should have been in the finals.

I'm going to try to get in the semi-finals next week. If there is an open slot they draw names of the past contestants who have shown up and you can have another chance. I don't expect to get a slot, but a boy can hope.

All in all it was a good night though, except for the one, I think that everyone who got into the finals deserved to.


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