Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The weekend, the wedding, wow

I got into Minneapolis late, after I was mugged by a CD store.

The storm started as I hit the south side of Minneapolis. The last part of the drive was nasty.

The party at themadblonde's was fun. I got to meet some of the other family members as well as a bunch of old friends. There were a lot of the folks I missed by not being at Duckon last weekend.

I'm not going to try to mention everyone, but man it was an amazing gathering.

I left fairly early, after making friends with many of the little ones. Just as weddings disprove my alleged cynicism (come on, how many of you have been made to tear up by a troll ???), gatherings such as this disprove my dislike of children.

The wedding and the initial reception were in Minnehaha Park. It was about as lovely a place for such a gathering as you could find.

A very cute little boy had decided that I was his best friend and that he had to walk with me from the reception area to the wedding area. He walked about 30 feet before he decided that I needed to carry him. He got a ride on my shoulders and babbled happily all the way there.

The wedding was officiated by a Troll in a grass skirt. Really. He was incredibly funny, and very touching. The look on the faces of the bride and groom were wonderful. I gather that he slipped some things into the ceremony that they were not expecting. It made it even better. It was as lovely a ceremony as I have ever seen.

The reception was fun. There were games, lots of food and very fun people. It's nice to meet such nice new people. anach, jerusha and I walked over the falls at one point and the level of exhaustion I was at became apparant.

There was one neat moment. As we came to the viewing point at the bottom of the falls, a fellow had obviously just asked a young woman to marry him. The answer was apparantly yes.

Right around 7 the skies started getting fussy. So the party split up and folks headed to the music party.

Man this was a packed house. As much as I love doing shows I much prefer music circles. There are few things that I would consider to be anything close to sacred. Music circles are right up there. The talent in that house was amazing, Simply amazing. I obviously need to find a way I can hang out with a lot of these people a lot more. It was an amazing night.

One odd moment though, the first song I played was How Can I Miss You? and the sight of an 8 year old girl singing along merrily is just ... well ... more than a little wrong. It was funny though.

The music party was great. I love the house. The people. Wow. I'm too burned out to type more.

chirosinger and musicmutt, you are truly blessed to have such friends. I consider myself lucky to know both of you. Congratulations to the both of you. Are are off to one amazing start.
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