Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The week so far ...

I went to the open mike at Bali Satay wednesday night ... I have never played anywhere where I have been so ignored through a set ... the level of conversation didnt change at all whether I was playing, finishing a song, or not playing at all ... needless to say it was a bit discouraging ... but I played a good set ...

In Crosby Park - Hadn't done this in awhile ...
Bang My Bald Spot
Golden Age of Silicon
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division ... requested by Braedon from Steps ... I made him go get my book from the van so I could remember the lyrics)
Oh Shannon (I decided to get real quiet since they were being so loud)

It was a good set ... pity hardly anyone heard it ...

So ... I jumped online after getting home from seeing my friends Brother Trucker play last night ... saw their first set of an early show ... great stuff ... they played a great set of mostly new stuff ... the next CD sounds like it is going to be a killer (they just put out a new CD so it will be awhile)

I was online and got that familiar AOL window ... an IM coming from outside AOL ... 90% of those are spam of some sort ... usually porn site adverts ... but the name made me laugh ... eatpandapoop ... I had to see what it was ... good thing ... it was a woman from the Duluth Reader who had been listening to my CD ... liked it (weird) and wants to review it and do an interview with me ... so I'll be online tuesday getting quizzed ... FUN ...

so the week got better ...
Tags: bali, interview

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