Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Another sneaky weekend

So ... the report on another Eric road trip weekend ...

Warning, this is another unusually long post

It was my good friend polyfrog's birthday celebration this weekend (and his birthday today I believe).

I had been bemoaning not being able to go ... mostly to myself ...

I was reading my LJ and some email and commented to the wife how it would be amusing if I could surprise him on his b-day like I did 2 years ago. Her unexpected reaction? "So do it".

Now she goes out friday nights, I got some sleep and woke up when she got home, finished getting things ready and headed out around 4am to get to the Milwaukee Zoo sometime late in the morning.

My printer cartridge at home had dried out since I last used it ... so I had to stop at work to print out directions (good thing I have a key) ... I had this really amusing image of looking out the window as my info pringed to see a flashing red light ... it woulda been funny to wake up my boss at 5 in the morning ...

Anyway ... I head out ... eastbound on I 80. I think that the best way to travel is before dawn, with the windows open ... and a Steve Earle live CD blaring out ...

Sometime just before dawn I started to question my sanity ... just after dawn I stopped for breakfast ... and woke back up ...

It's a different path than I am used to from a certain point to get to Milwaukee ... I will say that next to the freeway just around the WI border is a VERY cool looking water park that I want to check out with the kids someday ...

I got to the zoo around 11:30 and called greenmansgrove on his cel to find out where they were at that moment ...

They were just a little ways away from the entrance and I found them in about a minute. I waited for a brief time to see if they would walk past where I was but they were bogged down in that whole group thing ... so I started walking toward them. The looks I got as I approached Polyfrog were wonderful, as one after another realized who I was. I got within about 10 feet of him before he looked up and yelled "OH MY GOD !!!" (seeing as how just a week before I had told him that there was no way I could make it ... I guess our friendship is all based on lies now ... I think I surprised him just a little)

He was standing with zanna_voodoo (hiya gorgeous !!!) who was up to visit on his b-day.

I actually ended up spending much of the day flirting with a cute little blonde who I had just met (it's ok, she's only 11 months old)

We headed out at 5 to go back to alymid & greenmansgrove's house.

More later ...

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