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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Deep in enemy territory

I went to the open mike at The Crave Grill. Definitely not my sort of place, and what is it with this fondue resurrgence lately ???

However, the open mike, run by Larry Berenguel was exceptional as always. Larry is a great musician, and draws other great musicians (and me)

The bass player was a monster, the drummer has this really really cool Yamaha electronic drum kit ... I want one ...

Larry opened the show with some covers, with the drummer backing him up. He was great as always. I went next and played a short set.

Only Coffee House In Town
Color Of Your Eyes
Hey Dad !!!
Bang My Bald Spot

After me was a woman who I feel I should recognize, but can't quite come up with why. She did various covers. She has a really lovely voice and a very cool 12 string. Of course I can't think of her name.

After her was Kyle, and the rest of his name escapes me. He is a pretty well known local blues-ish player who is incredible (and a very cool guy as well). Part of his set had a flute player, she was great as well.

I couldn't stay for the second rotation due to previous plans that I was informed of after I made these plans (it's a family thing)

I will go back though, probably in two weeks. Next week is getting ready for Mahtowa.

A little more

Kyle Dean Patten's CD Baby page
Pictures and info from last night
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