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But wait ... there's more

More on the trip this weekend ...

greenmansgrove and I drove back since I didn't know how to get to their place from where I was ... pretty easy actually ... we talked about Jethro Tull most of the way ... I rarely get to hang out with you and I always like it when I do .. nice to see you ...

The evening was pleasant and pretty low key ... we sat and talked ... got food ... ate ... and then tarkrai alymid and I all got our guitars out and the music began ...

it didn't go very long since by that time people were wandering out and we were all tired .. .but I was amazed at how good Alymid has gotten ... her playing has so much more confidence ...

and for those of you who have not heard Tarkrai play ... you need to ... I got him to play Dutchman ... and he still has one of my all time favorite voices ...

It was a great time marred by only one bad moment ... and I usually don't talk about bad moments here ... since I run the risk of offending potential listeners .. .but I feel that I must ... I had just sold the new CD to stephanieb who had been wanting one but we hadn't seen each other since it came out ... and a new person to the group asked Steph ... as the money and CD changed hands in front of her face ... "could you burn me a copy of that?"

I had nothing to say ... unusual as that may seem ... Alymid piped in with "we support musicians in this house ... especially our friends" or words to that effect ...

That is so wrong ... other than that moment though ... I liked her very much ... wish I could think of her name (there is a theme building here ... something you might have noticed ... I forget grownups names)

it was bed time around midnight ... much sleep was had on a wonderfully firm bed ... got up in the morning (as is usual I was the first grownup awake ... cept the roommate whose name I forget ...but that is typical of me)

Hung out for a couple of hours and headed back around noon ... all in all a great road trip ... any questions ???

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