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And how was your weekend ???

Mine was pretty fun ... and tiring ...

Friday was the wife's b-day ... so I went with her to her usual friday night karaoke hangout ... it was a blast as usual ... but even more so since it was her b-day ...

The deal was she wanted me to play a set but that didn't happen ... instead I talked the folks there into letting me plug in on my turns and play my songs ... I really don't like playing one song ... taking a break for 45 minutes ... and then playing a song ... I played everything too fast since I got all worked up ...

Sunday I decided I needed to learn a Johnny Cash song ... I'm pretty broken up about his death ... it seems that I am losing a lot of heroes the last year or so ...

I no sooner got up on the stage then the audience started heckling ... I think that is going to be the norm ...

I did 4 songs (as usual) and the only one that I really did right was Ring Of Fire ... which I had run through twice before over in the corner an hour before ...

Ring Of Fire (June Carter Cash)
New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)
pretty funny actually ... it's 4 chords that repeat over and over ... and I messed it up
Bang My Bald Spot (requested even)
Crank Generation
There is a guy who shows up occasionally who LOVES this song ... and I never get away without doing it when he is there

I wasn't really warmed up enough to play CG ... so my hand was hurting ...

at some point I mentioned my wife ... and got a really funny reaction ... YOU have a wife ... heeee

a great weekend ... can I go back to bed now ???
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