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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

To Be Continued

So I have a tentative schedule for 2BC

geeze ... what have I let myself into ???


5 pm
The Evolution of Funny Music (attend)
Parody, Dementia, Funny Music. It has been called many things and has changed throughout the years. Dr. Demento has been an integral part of the evolution of funny music. Has it really changed that much?  LukeSki, T. Crist, T. Goldmark  Beethoven

6 pm
Why does fandom fragment?
Literary, Media, Anime, and Filk to name a few….can’t we all get along?  Why do we divide into groups and can we ever all come together?  Do we want to?  T. Lunquist (M), E. Coleman, B. Matheus, C. Urbach  Armstrong

7 pm Opening ceremonies

8 pm
Luke Ski Concert (attend)
The great and talented Luke Ski performs!  Parody singer/songwriter Luke Ski will blow your socks off.  Really I mean it….he will….don’t believe me?  You better attend this concert then!  Celebrity East

Funny Music, the Real Alternative (attend)
If you think your local radio station that claims they have music that is fresh and exciting, you haven’t heard anything yet.  See why fun music *IS* the real alternative.  T. Rockwell, T. Crist, T. Goldmark, L. Sienkowski  Armstrong

10 pm
Open Filk

Sound Check 10 am

11 am
Eric Coleman in Concert

Method to the madness! (attend)
Are you funny?  Are you really funny? Do you want to make people laugh?  Tips on what it takes to write a funny song.  L. Ski, T. Rockwell, T. Crist, T. Goldmark, C. Keep  Beethoven

2 pm
Filk vs... Dementia: Can't We All Just Get Along? There is a perception that Filkers and Funny Musicians do not get along and that there is a rift between the two communities. Is this case? - T. Rockwell, T. Crist, T. Goldmark, L. Sienkowski, E. Coleman

3 pm
Michael Longcor Concert (ATTEND !!!)
Moonwulf makes a special appearance to the convention.  Wisecrackers

4-6 pm
Dementia Showcase
We have a number of funny music artists at the convention this weekend. If you like parody and demented songs then be sure to not miss this celebration of “dementia”.  E. Coleman, L. Ski, T Goldmark, T. Rockwell, T. Crist  Wisecrackers

10 pm
Open Filking!
Sudden Death Concert  Celebrity East

Tony Goldmark Concert  Wisecrackers

1 pm Can you enjoy filk  if you cannot carry a tune? - E. Coleman (M), T. Rockwell, M. Johansen

3 pm
Closing Ceremonies (attend)
Stop by and say good bye to our great guests.  Hear the winners of all our contests.  And find out what will happen at To Be CONtinued 3!! 

4 pm
Burial At Sea
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