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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Waukegan 10/4

Yup ... my first house concert in a year ... this goes on for awhile ... so ...

Oh my ... what a weekend ... driving in the van ... no cruise ... BUT ... the puppy got amazing (for it) gas mileage this time around ... so hopefully it's gonna get fixed up before the next road trip ... and be the road vehicle again.

as of noon friday I still didn't know what vehicle I was going to take ... yeah ... I handle uncertainty so well.

So I was a basket case by the time I left. But things got better as the day went along.

I arrived at a friend's house friday evening for a going away party for redbird23

This started the theme of the weekend ... it was an LJ Users weekend ... I think that of the folks I saw only 2 or 3 don't have LJ's ... weird ...

I only stayed there for a little while ... exhaustion was setting in and I need to get to polyfrog's house ... a little after I got there we had the first of several trips that weekend to Pita Inn ... I think that I have ranted about the wonders of Pita Inn before ... So I won't again (out of 6 meals that weekend 3 were at Pita Inn)

I had an amazingly restful sleep (unusual for me)

we headed off to go to a flea market with phuphuphnik and his family ... I spent WAY too much time in the cool and the sun and started to get worried about my voice. I should know that you can't damage something that is already terminal. I do have a shiny red forehead now.

I headed up to alymid and greenmansgrove's house for the concert. Wandered back and forth between the upstairs and the basement as I obsessed about playing. House Concerts don't make me nervous so I always have to work myself up to my usual level of obnoxiousness to get myself ready to play.


The set list here dosn't give an idea of how long of a show it was ... I think I told stories about all the songs ... as well as stories about things not in the songs (but I digress)

There were something like 8-10 people there ... so ... the set lists ...and some comments

Set One
Hey Dad !!! ("what is the name of that one" ... I love it when someone asks that)
In Crosby Park
Color Of Your Eyes
The Things You Never Know (someday I will get the choruses right)
The Woman I Want (not bad for the first time in a year or so)
Product Might Be Hot
Almost Beautiful
Perfect Moments (just started doing this one again ... segued it quite nicely into Hides)

Set Two
Golden Age Of Silicon
Jared’s Stomp
Oh Shannon
The One I Chased Away (I must look up the actual chord progression for this one ... I have no idea what I was playing ... but it was wrong)
Hand Above The Water
Trophy Wife
Bang My Bald Spot
Low Self Esteem

The Song Circle
Marie Provost (The look of horror on geekymary's face made it all worthwhile)
Gun Sale At The Church
Yesterday Is Here

The song circle was small ... but wonderful ... and I was the only boy playing music ... how good can that be ... especially with ... well ... modesty forbids me ... but if you could see in my brain right now ...

no ... never mind ...

alymid just gets better and better ... her guitar playing has taken enormous leaps since I last saw her just a month or so ago ...

geekymary has only been playing for THREE FREAKIN MONTHS !!! ... geeze ... it took me 3 years to get that good ...

bectod always delights me with her songs ... she needs to get someone to work on music with her (I'm going to work on a lyric of her's ... but I don't have time to do much more)

It was a wonderful evening ... and the best show I have played I think ... hope they liked it (cause if I think it was the best show I played and I sucked ... uhoh)

Got back to polyfrog's house very late ... and slept ... woke up and saw that I had gotten mail from karenb2 ... so we met for lunch at ... wait for it ... PITA INN (again ???) and I drove off back to Iowa ...

man ... two road trips in two weeks ... I'm getting too old for this ...

Oh ... and I sold a CD to everyone there who didnt already have one ... down to about 5 of the original 100
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