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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Top Five Favorite Records

Since I seem to well on my way to becoming Rob from High Fidelity, I am going to try to post a Top Five list every week about this time. If there is something you want me to post a list on, leave a comment here or on any future Top Five posts. I'll try to get to them all.

Out In The Heat - Victor Krummenacher
A still, subtle, rocking y'alternative masterpiece. I really think this is my favorite record of all time

Quadrophenia - The Who
Pete Townsend's masterwork. When it first came out it confused the folks who listened to it and collapsed on tour but holds up better than pretty much anything they ever did.

Systems Of Romance - Ultravox
You want to know the template for all the good music you listened to in the 80s (and some of the bad stuff too). This record is it.

London's Calling - The Clash
I've been really into the punk side of the Clash lately, but this record is one that I continue to go back to.

Tomorrow Belongs To Me - The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Their finest moment. Still the best live band I ever saw. This is smart, witty, fun hard rock with a conscience.
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