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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The extended dance mix commentary on my weekend

I started off toward Minneapolis around noon.

Unfortunately around 1:30 or 2:00 I was mugged by a CD Store. I have to admit I was asking for it ... I had money on me ... I had been foolish enough to walk through that neighborhood with money on me before.

I'm not going to say how much they took from me ... but ... I'm much happier for it.

I got to my friend C's around 5 ... and we headed out for greek food. I am sure that you all know by now about my obsession with a certain restaurant so while I will not try to compare the two, I will say that the place we went friday does not suffer too much by comparison. More on food later ...

I got to Tillie's Bean about 7 and got set up.

And sat there ...

And sat there ...

for what felt like hours ... I know now why I want to always play at a place that have a dressing room where you can't see who is and isn't there.

Oh, it was actually about 15 minutes. I'm the nervous sort ya know ...

barondave, led the way and was followed later by appleboy, freeimprov, fairyceltic (and lovely meeting you it was), mplsfish and her fella, and then later michaeljlarson2. I think I remembered everyone from LJ ... a free copy of the next CD to whoever I space on. Also in the audience were two old friends I had not seen in some time. I used to work for him years and years ago in Chicago (for about a month). I know I am missing someone ... I just know it ...

There were also two young women who paid attention at times that simply didn't work out well for them ... like the Viagra line in Trophy Wife ...

The songs were ...

1st Set
In Crosby Park (if you follow a link, and then more links and the clues below you can even find the picture that inspired this song, albeit it sans decolletage, Photoshop can be cruel, but the blue dress and lovely face is certainly still there)
Almost Beautiful
Wait ... I interrupt this set list for an announcement. During Almost Beautiful the lovely and talented Andy Anda snuck into the back of the crowd. I finished the song and asked "are ya packin?" Andy, being Andy, didn't want to make the assumption that I would allow him ... allow him ... to get up and play with me. I would like to state for the record, as I have said about a few others. You are always welcome to make it our stage ... always ...

Now back to your regularly scheduled set list ... altered slightly due to the recent arrival.

Don’t Go Home
Trophy Wife
The One I Chased Away
Color Of Your Eyes
The Woman I Want
Home Again

I was going to, as I did last time, finish the 1st set with Hides ... but Andy changed all that ...

2nd Set
Pine City Motel Blues
Hang on a moment again ... I actually started this one twice. The first time was ... well ... not all that good (OK, IT SUCKED, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW I SAID IT ??? ... sorry ... PCMB is still giving me problems) ... I started it again and it went well. I still can't seem to memorize the damn song ... maybe if I quit referring to it as "the damn song".

A quick aside to mention fairyceltic again ... I haven't played for new folks in a long time, and I do want to apologize for hurting you so many times ... I was really trying to be gentle ... I was ...

Hey Dad !!! (the extended Andy & Eric joke fest version)
Jordan Cochrane
Wilderness Of Smiles (with Andy all ablaze on the middle section)
Bang My Bald Spot
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys
Hides (another amazing version, thank you Andy for making this even more my favorite of all my songs)

It was a marvelous show ... I hope for an even better show December the 15th when I am there again.

Ok ... I got back to C's house about the same time she did and we chattered for awhile and both crashed out fairly early. It was going to be a long day the next day ... and indeed it was.

She is a mover and shaker in Interplay. It's a hard thing to explain ... it's sort of equal parts theatre games, movement, improv, singing, dance, mind expansion, self help and several other parts. None of this really describe it all that well unfortunately. I found it exhilarating, playful, enlightening and generally wonderful. C had been telling me about this for some time, but I had never had the chance to actually take part. I saw an old friend (who was very surprised to see me, but I do that to her every few years) and made some wonderful new friends. Much of the techniques were familiar from years of workshops with so many theatre groups, so it was a wonderful world to step back into. This is something I intend to do a great deal more of.

We headed back to C's house and both crashed out. Sometime later she woke me up and tried to talk me into going out for some food and then to the dance later ... I tried to resist, but she mentioned The Everest On Grand and there was nothing I could do ... nothing ...

I want to state that The Everest On Grand is now my second favorite place to eat in the world (you all should know the first by now, sing along if you wish).


Wait, I'll say that again


We had momo, a wonderful curry, naan and samosa.

Sigh ...

Then we went to the dance. C does this most saturday nights. In this case it is in a former Oddfellows Hall in Minneapolis. The music was wonderful, just fiddle and guitar, but more than enough. I wasn't up to dancing (I have a problem with my knee, and I am a terrible dancer anyway) but I do still regret turning down the chance to waltz ... but probably just as well for C's feet.

We went back to the house, I checked my email, we chattered a bit more and then crashed out for the night.

Breakfast this time was at The Day By Day Cafe. Pleasant company (C is not a morning person, but is still lovely across a table, or "there are several ways to look at a lovely woman, one of those is across an Earth Breakfast" ... and a winky button to whoever gets the reference first), great food and a baby fix. I wonder now, that my life is going in a different direction, if I might end up being a father again. We'll see, I may end up being single the rest of my life, so it may be a moot point, but who knows where I will be in a year or more's time ...

I headed back around noon, with a brief stop at Cheapos in Minneapolis.

It was a lovely drive home, I certainly had a lot of music to listen to.

It was an astounding weekend.

I have, in recent weeks, considering the places I had been playing around here, been in a kind of crisis of faith of sorts. I had been having serious doubts about music. This weekend put me back on the right track. And I do believe that much of that will involve the Twin Cities in a considerable way. More as time goes along. See some of you in just a few days at Windycon

Any questions ???
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