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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The truth, the whole truth and something resembling the truth ...

It's been a weekend. Some health problems almost kept me home, but I managed. I barely got to the circle friday night, and didn't manage saturday at all. But that was kind of expected.

I decided that I was going to get going an hour after I woke up.

I woke up at 6:30 as others in the house were getting ready for the same road trip. I managed to get back to sleep for a bit, but I did manage to get out of the house by about 9:30. So three hours after I woke up ... not bad for me.

Let's talk about the friday panels first. It started at 5 with a discussion of the various eras of comic books. We never quite decided when the eras began and ended up still having a blast (I define the modern era as beginning with Spiderman and the X-Men, some disagree though)

Next was Starting Your Filk Collection. It turned out to be just me and Juanita Coulson on the panel. I spent most of my time listening to Juanita, because ... well ... it's Juanita. She's been filking for a couple more years than me. Just a couple. Her show was brilliant saturday by the way ... more on that I'm sure ...

Shortly after the Filk panel the lovely and talented pheltzer brought me food ... Pita Inn ... oh thank you thank you thank you ... I haven't managed to get there in months, and didn't manage to get there again this weekend ... grumble

I went to opening ceremonies, which were a great deal of fun (even considering the band news ... RIP Jack Williamson) and then watched Space/Time and Tom Smith do their things. I hadn't seen Space/Time before. Really fun improv, I want to see their more scripted stuff now.

I went down to the the filk and only lasted a couple of songs. I had a bad case of hotel throat and decided that since I had to do a show the next day I needed to rest a bit. That became one of the themes for the weekend. Rest that is ... I'm on some blood pressure meds that are kicking my butt. I still managed a good show though ... more on that in a moment.

I went to breakfast saturday morning and when I came back to my table I found that someone else had been seated there. So we ended up having a very lovely chat. We both gave each other ideas for our individual kids, theatre geeked on a massive level, and generally had a wonderful time.

I watched a lot of catalana and billroper's show. All of Juanita's show ... and went up to perform myself. I asked the audience if they wanted the serious show or the mixed show. It was overwhelming for the mixed show (with one dementia fella asking for a funny show ... you know who you are) ... I almost stuck to the set list, except for the opener and a bunch of stuff in the middle ... 4 serious songs in the middle of the set, and Woman I Want is not exactly a "funny" song, even if it makes a lot of fannish women smile ... and fannish men for that matter.

Low Self Esteem
Trophy Wife
The Woman I Want
Don't Go Home
Color Of Your Eyes
In Crosby Park
Only Coffee House In Town
Hey Dad !!!
Bang My Bald Spot
How Can I Miss You?
Nice Guys

I couldn't play guitar to save my life, although I am probably the only one who will notice.

I stayed for most of lukeski and travis_clemmons and pixelene's set

I do want to mention pixelene. I was wondering what her music would sound like. After having worked so long with another very strong dementia artist, I was worried that we would have just another person along those lines. Instead she has her own very distinct and twisted voice (her singing voice is lovely, but you all know that, her writing voice is ... well ... just a little twisted). I'm enjoying the EP a lot.

There was another Tom Smith set, this time closed by a new song. I'm a happy camper to find that the new song is on the ITom CD. Great stuff.

I went back to the room to collapse for a bit. I didn't do a very good job of it. I managed to get myself down for some food, and went back and collapsed again. I hauled myself downstairs for almeda's concert (which was marvelous, anyone who breaks tigertoy is a hit in my book) and then went back to bed. This means that I played precisely two songs in music circles this weekend, both on friday night. Roman Wall Blues and WYSIWYG. This bums me out, but I was just not capable this weekend. My apologies.

I went to my final panel sunday. Two years in a row I have been unfortunate enough to be on a panel with a ... well, I will withhold comments and names to protect the foolish. But here is the line of logic ... see if you can figure this out

The panel was on blogs taking over from fanzines. This person's line of logic was "fanzines help fandom spread much better than the net ever could". This right after it was said, by this person, that most fanzines went to 50-100 people. There was a lovely young woman who looked at me as this was said with what I gather was the exact same WTF ??? look that I had. I rarely speak badly of people in this LJ (well, people in fandom) but this person's inane, uninformed and elitist slow motion babbling was ... well ... actually kind of funny.

I gathered up my traveling partner, and headed back to Iowa. I kind of feel like I never quite got to the con. I had a good time most of the time, but life is just bearing down too hard at the moment. Thanks to everyone who helped out, especially to gundo and born_to_me for putting me up and exapno for being a sweetheart to me ...

Maybe I'll actually get to the con next time.

On the bright side, The Secret Empire sold one of my CDs, their first of mine sold this year. Whoever it was apparently liked my show ... that's a good thing.
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