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Passion Fodder & Theo Hakola

A couple hundred years ago, in the 80s, I saw this band open for Peter Murphy at Cabaret Metro. I had wanted to go to the earlier show and see Billy Bragg, but a friend, who was a massive Bauhaus fan, talked me into going to the later show.

We both agreed that Murphy was pretty mediocre. We both agreed that Passion Fodder was brilliant. In a review some years later I described them as for those of you who think that Kafka and Brecht are really fun (especially if you get Kafka's jokes, which is a joke unto itself) this is the band for you.

Robyn and I laughed through all the singer's intros, the rest of the audience didn't. He played a bunch of things straight down to us, since we were right down front (I would imagine that Robyn being drop dead gorgeous helped as well). I bought the records I could find.

This started my two decade search for all of their records. That search ended today.

In the meantime I bought the singer's solo stuff. You can find him at his website. I bought the LPs by his earlier band Orchestra Rouge (none of which I have had a chance to listen to yet, I need to get my turntable hooked up to something, anything) at various places on the web.

I was looking at his website a month or so ago and I saw that he had for sale some of the early records on tape. I emailed about the first LJ, which I have on vinyl, but haven't ... well ... see above.

He emailed me back. Yup, the man himself. Said that he only had one copy of the tape left, and he didn't want to part with that, but he intended to transfer that to disc and he could send me a copy of that. The neat thing is he asked what I thought would be a reasonable price, and I said the same price he was asking for his other CDs. It seemed reasonable to me.

So, in my mail today is his newest CD, a score for a play he wrote. It has the compete script (in French, he lives in Paris now) and the music. I also finally have a listenable version of the very first Passion Fodder LP, along with some nifty bonus tracks. He doesn't think much of it, and I can see why. They were still finding their way, but some of it is brilliant. I haven't gotten to the new solo record, but I intend to before the day is done. I won't understand a word, but who cares. Music is music after all, and so much is the mood.

Thank you Theo.
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