Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

It's been 12 days since ...

On the twelfth day of Christmas, ericcoleman sent to me...
Twelve battlebots drumming
Eleven aristophanes piping
Ten aeschylus a-leaping
Nine euripides dancing
Eight squirrels a-milking
Seven spoonerisms a-swimming
Six buzzcocks a-songwriting
Five mi-i-i-ix discs
Four tom waits
Three house concerts
Two radio stars
...and a ddial in a standup comedy.
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  • So yeah, that thing

    I am on DW, same name as here. I will, as I have done for months now, post there and have it drift over here.

  • Just so you know

    I am trying to get into the habit of posting most places. FB will continue to be the main place for political posts, I don't do that much here.…

  • Oh ... right

    I am on Dreamwidth as well ... same name. I probably won't do much with it, since I can't access it from work.

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