Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Saturday ...

yesterday was nice ... I slept late and when I got up we went to a local greasy spoon for breakfast. My clothes still smell like the place ...

Got back, took a shower, changed clothes and then headed out for awhile to check email at Tillies Bean and work out where freeimprov's house was.

Turns out it is just a little ways away from Tillies and even closer to my friend's house (in case you are wondering, this is the former g/f about whom Color Of Your Eyes, In Crosby Park and other songs are about)

I headed back and she and I went out to Crosby Park again ... where we experienced


The local residents had apparantly decided to make a new lodge and MAN were they busy ... no tree was save, even one that was a good 3 feet wide. We're going to go back at some point and see if they get that one down ... they got a long ways on it, but have a long ways to go.

We did the scenic house tour up Summit, and then had dinner at a wonderful chinese place. Really tasty delicate food. I had chicken with veggies and she had something that was just a little spicy ... both were yummy.

Headed back and crashed out for a couple hours, and then headed to freeimprov's house where I immediately retreated to his basement studio, where I sat and played music and chatted for the next couple hours. I played a lot of stuff and freeimprov joined in on some things. Let's see ...

Only Coffee House (with lap steel from freeimprov)
Low Self Esteem (with some tele help from a fellow who's name I can't remember)
Oh Shannon (the wildly edited version, since I couldn't remember the words, I did on the drive back though)
Almost Beautiful
Nice Guys
Hides (with acoustic DADGAD help from freeimprov)

and some more I am sure ...

I met some new folks, had a lovely time. I also got to chat quite a bit with my evil twin Charles (although the jury is still out on which of us is the evil twin). It was fun to see the people who had not seen the two of us together, including freeimprov, do some double takes.

I took off early today, headed to Cheapos and then a quick stop in Mason City, both of which cost me amazingly little in time and money ... I'm proud of myself.

And now I collapse.

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