Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Why I Love The Net Reason #347

Ok ... it is fairly well documented that I have met some folks on the net who have helped me along the way considerably ... some quite famous folk ...

I also have a habit of sending emails to songwriters I like ... most of them have responded quite positively ... it's been cool ... Ed Haynes sat online one saturday afternoon and taught me a song ... the lead singer of the Fabulous Poodles (a REALLY fun 70s Brit band who I run a fan site about) sent me chords for a song of his ... as has Victor Krummenacher (solo artist and bass player in Camper Van Beethovan) ... my shyness will get the best of me someday ...

Ok ... I had a bid out on Ebay for the first EP of this band called Passion Fodder ... I'm a big fan ... I once described them as "for those of you who have read Kafka and Celine and think they are really really fun" ... a review I read described their music as bolshevik cowboy music ... I saw them open for Peter Murphy at Metro in Chicago in 88 or so ... my friend Robyn and I were right down front ... and just laughed our butts off at all the lead singers in-between song banter ... he started playing straight to us ... I've been a fan ever since ...

So ... I didnt get this bid ... someone came in at the last moment and outbid me ... I didnt figger I would get it ... I have the four songs already on a best of ... but it would have been nice to have had the vinyl ... but whenever I see another PF fan ... I email them ... since I have been on this quest to find a copy of their final CD ... I have only seen one for sale in the last 10 years ... and got into a 3 way bidding war on Ebay for it ... which I lost fairly spectactularly ... I think that the final bid was 57 bucks ... ouch ...

So I emailed the person (with a french email address) who made the bid asking if he had this CD and if I could get a burn of it ... this was his reply

"Hi , yes I have WFHIT , if you pay for the cdr and postage ( Paypal ) , I can burn you a cdr but I can also ask to Theo if he has the cd to sell (he is a friend ' s friend ) , just let me know ."

To which I replied "why oh yes indeed ... if the money will go direct to Theo that is WILDLY preferable ... if not let me know"

I would much rather send Theo 20 bucks for it ... now I know that there is a chance that this is BS ... but ... for some reason this rings true to me ... mostly because Passion Fodder fans are few and far between ... and that this guy is in France ... where Theo has lived for years now ... so we'll see ... I might get to talk to another of my favorite songwriters ...

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