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Help Support The Travelling Dementoids

As a lot of you know, musicians from all over travel to Marscon every year to play music. There are 13 acts from all over the US playing this year. Some of them are coming from a very long ways. lukeski has put together a disc to help them pay their costs. It includes a lot of unreleased stuff, including two demos of unreleased songs from my upcoming CD. But ya know ...

To the future attendees of MarsCon 2007 and all funny music fans,

Since 2003, the folks at MarsCon have graciously allowed us to create a wonderful piece of convention programming, the series of main stage comedy music concerts which is now known as the MarsCon Dementia Track, co-chaired by Earl “Wyngarde” Luckes and myself, Luke Ski. To the best of my knowledge, MarsCon is the only convention in the world with a dedicated dementia track, to which we all owe the powers that be at MarsCon a great amount of appreciation. While the con does provide for the Music Guest of Honor each year, it’s not in the convention’s budget to cover the costs of all of our other comedy music acts, who cover their own travel & lodging expenses just to come out and perform for all the fans at MarsCon. Many of them end up carpooling and staying at off-site hotels as a way to conserve their costs, which I personally feel is an inconvenience to them and takes some of the fun out of their MarsCon experience. This year, I want to change that, by organizing a way to cover the costs of the lodging for our other comedy music acts, while also getting them lodging in the MarsCon hotel itself. I have asked several of the dementia artists from this year’s and last year’s MarsCons to donate tracks to a dementia compilation CD to sell to you fans, with all of the funds going to cover the lodging costs of our other dementia artists, making it easier for them to come out and perform for all of you. So here it is, the track listing for…

The MarsCon 2007 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD!
1. The A-Team is POed - Possible Oscar
2. Antihistamine Zombie (radio edit) - DJ Particle
3. Reelin' In The Grease (radio edit) - Carrie Dahlby
4. If I Did It - Carla Ulbrich
5. Cheney's Got Your Back - Carla Ulbrich
6. Nice Guys - Eric Coleman
7. Only Coffee House In Town - Eric Coleman
8. My Cat Is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner (unused original version) - Power Salad
9. Our Menu Has Recently Changed - Power Salad
10. Don't Shoot - Rob Balder featuring Worm Quartet
11. I'm Gonna Procreate (live) - Worm Quartet
12. I Can't Get A Job (live - radio edit) - Worm Quartet
13. Inner Voice (live at MarsCon 2005) - Sudden Death
14. Spam (live at MarsCon 2005) - Sudden Death
15. The Yolk's On You (live from Marscon 2006) - Hot Waffles
16. You Might Be A Trekkie (live at MarsCon 2006) - the great Luke Ski
17. Love Theme From Mystery Spatula Theatre 11 - the great Luke Ski
18. Theme From The Dork Of The Rings - the great Luke Ski
{19. A super secret unlisted new parody song track - the great Luke Ski}
Album length: 64 minutes

To order this album, just PayPal $15.00 to Sara Trice (our faithful Dementia Track assistant) at her email address,, and your CD will be dropped in the mail, sent via First Class USPS, within a day.

We have initially only printed 50 copies of the CD, and it would help us out the most if you could purchase the albums ASAP, so we can collect the total raised money on Monday, February 26th in preparation to pay the hotel that weekend. There is no guarantee that copies of will be available at MarsCon itself, so if you’re interested in getting it, it’s better for you and us if you could order it now.

Also, I would like to personally request that those of you who purchase this CD keep “Track 19” to yourselves. It was made as a potential ‘exclusive’ for a BIG company, and I am still awaiting to find out what will become of it. But for the sake of sweetening the pot for this Fund Raising CD, I wanted to add it just for you fans. So please, no file sharing, and let’s keep it on the down-low, hepcats. ;D

So there you have it. I hope you’ll be willing to purchase this new comedy music compilation CD to aid the dementia artists in their quest to entertain you at MarsCon this year. Thanks, and as the good Doctor always says, stay demented!

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