Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?


I had a blast this weekend. It was one of the best shows (or at least one of the most fun shows I have played). The panels were great, all of them fairly silly and very interactive. I saw a lot of friends, made a holy pilgrimage to Pita Inn with polyfrog friday (three of my meals for the weekend were Pita Inn food ... yum).

It was one of the nicest weekends I have had in ages.

And the music ...

catsittingstill was delightful. I love her songs. The songs with peteralway were especially wonderful (being from Appalachia, I love the dulcimer).
I caught some of billroper's set, which was great. Some of Art Warneke's set (he needs to succumb to the drug that is LJ) and he just gets better. I missed min0taur and Sally's set (does she have an LJ?) which bummed me out, but Wild Mercy were great. Moonwulf was wonderful as always, even if I was bummed because catalana had to give up her set due to her voice problems.

The music circles were great fun, I even made it to both ...

gundo and born_to_me were delightful roommates, even if Early Monkey kept trying to steal my bed (the boy made me laugh all weekend).

I have now been friended by a 1 and half year old ... parents ... never let your children read my babblings ... it's bad for them.

I got tons of baby fixes this weekend ... even took over daisy_knotwise and billroper's little one for a bit so daisy_knotwise could do one more song.

I'm tired, but very happy. I'll check my notes on my laptop later to see what I missed, but I wanted to say ... wow ... what a great weekend ... and DID I NEED IT

See you all soon
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