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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Swag ...

Ok, More from Marscon ...

I went completly insane this year ... I sold a fair amount of CDs ... this is what I came home with ... with some notes on what I listened to on the way home

Art Paul Schlosser
Best Of
The Tribute

Worm Quartet
Unreleasable (see above)

The Gothsicles
Nesferatu (Only heard a few tracks, love it so far)

Carrie Dahlby
Happy Ranch (delightful)

Power Salad
Marscon Promo Issue - The White Out Album
Force Doesn't Work On A Crustacean
Sweat Equity (I knew I'd like this, I was right ... also, the best production values of any dementia product I own)

Carla Ulbrich
F-Word CD Single (The bleeped version is much funnier than the very funny unbleeped version)
Professional Smart Aleck (ok, you saw her perform, this is a live record ... you do the math ... hysterical)
Her Fabulous Debut

Rob Balder
Rich Fantasy Lives
For Amusement Only

Beth Kinderman
Lab Rat Demos

Possible Oscar
Greatest Hits
The Wrath Of Con (deeply twisted, and deeply funny)

DJ Particle
oh dear FSM ... Not another one (heard just a couple of tracks, a big step forward form the debut, which I liked a lot)

Shockwave Radio
Wordplay Songs 1/20/07

So ... 19 CDs ... I've liked everything I have heard so far ...
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