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folkmew was talking about an odd dream she had last night, which prompted her to ask what was your oddest dream.

I was driving to high school with my friend Robyn, odd first of all since we were in college, second because it was my HS, which she didn't go to.

We were driving in her little Triumph Spitfire, which was real enough. We were driving through a jungle, which, considering I went to HS in Iowa, was not. We came to a clearing, which was very much like the front area of my HS, except for the whole jungle thing. We got out of the car and put on our coats, very normal, considering that the Spitfire was tiny, and we both wore big, bulky long coats, so we tended to take off out coats to drive. I said ...

"I hear lions"
To which she replied
"No, it's kittens". After which two kittens walked out of the the jungle.
"See" she said.
"No, it's lions" I said, after which two lions walked out of the jungle.

Then Siskel and Ebert broke in with

"Now, we've seen this before"

And they proceeded to critique my dream. I woke up right about then.

What was your oddest dream?
Tags: dream

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