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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Ahem ... mememememememe

Comment on this post and I will pick seven of your interests. You then write about them in your journal and re-post.

1phish2phish wants me to talk about

1 algonquin round table
That being in the middle of the Algonquin Hotel Restaurant where George Kaufmann, Alexander Woolcott, Dorothy Parker, Harpo Marx and others would meet for lunch through much of the 20s. I would love to have been able to listen to the conversation. All that remains is the witticisms, but I bet that the shop talk would be even more interesting
2 boheme bistro
This is the little rock of sanity in the sea of shit that is Ames Iowa. One of the few places that is not a sports bar, and that doesn't have drunken frat boys and sorority girls throwing up in the bushes outside. It also has the open mike that I go to pretty much every sunday (when I am in town).
3 emperor joshua norton
The one and only Emperor of the United States Of America. He got an entire city to share in his delightful madness. A policeman was once reprimanded by a judge because he arrested The Emp as a vagrant.
4 go fug yourself
Just go here and all will be explained. Just don't do it if you are at work and loud guffaws disturb your co-workers
5 last comic standing
I am less and less interested as it just becomes an outlet for pro comedians, but originally there were some inspired amateurs on the show.
6 ovff
The Ohio Valley Filk Festival. A place for musicians of the geek persuasion to gather and play ... all weekend ... all hours ...
7 the queer old dean
One of the wonderful jumbles of the Reverend Spooner. He was speaking of Victoria.

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