Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

More meme

eeknight asks about

1 cosmic wimpout
The greatest dice game ever. Dead simple to learn and wonderful fun to play. I'll make sure I have a set with me at Pythonacon as well

2 goon show
British comedy as we love it (Python and all) starts right here. Absurd, odd, silly and brilliant. If you are a Python fan and have not heard the Goons. you must. This was also the start of Peter Sellers career. More at the end of the list.

3 jodi lynn nye
Delightful writer, delightful person. The Xeno-Archeologist Traveling Road Show is a must see.

4 scruffy the cat
Great rootsy rock band from the 80s. I was in bands with a couple of guys in it when we all lived in Des Moines. I've been listening to them again recently and their stuff holds up very well. Charlie Chesterman went on to a solo career and has a half dozen or so records out, which are also great.

5 house concerts
I love doing house concerts and it's been too damn long since I've done one. With the new record out perhaps that will change.

6 steven wright
I lost a button hole.

7 spike milligan
The writer of the Goon Shows. During a tribute a tape of Prince Charles was played, in which the Prince talked about what a fan he was and how he considered Spike one of his close friends. Spike's response was "groveling little bastard" which prompted outrage throughout England. Charles couldn't stop laughing and went on the news to show the fax from Spike that read "I suppose a knighthood is out of the question now?"

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