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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?


The WSPA (especially the Moose) and I did a bit of housework last night. The movie theater is set up, which means a movie night tomorrow with the WSPA and some charter members thereof.

I also have my synth rig set back up. We had to scavenge cords when we recorded the new CD. I set things up so they are far more ergonomic. The only problem I have at the moment is that one of the synths has better drum loops than the drum machine I have, which has pretty ordinary drum kit sounds and patterns. The synth has great drum SYNTH sounds and 200+ loops. I also love the sounds of the synth. I may have to buy a 2nd one at some point if I start doing this seriously.

The serious details

My oldest synth is my Roland RS09 Organ/String combo.

The organ sounds are pretty good, the string sounds better, but it's when you turn everything on you get this great old fashioned lead synth sound (sort of late 70s early 80s big fat sound). I love it.

The synth with the great drum sounds is an Alesis Micron.

It is stacked full of old fashioned sounds. The bass synth sounds are amazing, the lead sounds could cut leather. There are bunches of drum loops and the sounds are very techno based. The bass drum sound is especially wonderful. With the right sort of amplification you can feel it in your rib cage.

The third synth is a Novation X-Station 25.

I'm still getting used to this one. I'm using one of the bass sounds a lot, but I haven't even started digging into this one yet. It's a midi controller as well (as is the Micron) and I may end up attaching other stuff to it.

The drum machine is a cheapo Ion Studios iED04.

The drum sounds lend themselves more to rock and such than the electronic sounds I want. I may try running it through some effects but I have a feeling this one is going away soon.
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