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CotC so far

Soggy Potato Chips - He hit more often than he didn't. A ton of good ideas, and considering that this was just his 2nd show of any sort, in a year he's going to be a dementia force to reckon with
the great Luke Ski - No costumes, just the music. He was great. I heard some stuff that I had not heard live before.
Jessica Delfino - Due to a family emergency, she wasn't able to make it. Bummer.
Tom Smith - Another great Tom set. I wish I could develop a tenth of the rapport with the audience.
Comedy Music Q&A - This was a blast. A bunch of Fump people (and me) talking about what we do. I think we laughed more than the audience did.
Rob Balder - I have to be honest, I bought his CDs at Marscon and I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet so a lot of the set was new to me. I now need to go home and listen to the CDs. Great stuff.
Power Salad - Ok, I am a fan, I have to admit. He was great at Marscon and even better on this show (more on his show that just got done with the next post)
Worm Quartet - Probably the best WQ show I have seen. The audience was really into it, and really set Shoebox off. The best show of the weekend so far.
Sudden Death - Insert snarky comment about his showing on Dr D this year ... and MAN does he deserve it. A great show with some stuff that I hadn't seen live.
Seamonkey - What can I say, he broke Shoebox ... he broke most of the audience. Deeply twisted, deeply wrong, deeply funny.
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