Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Tillies Today

I left home about 8 this morning, got to Tillie's about 45 minutes before my set. Andy showed up shortly into the first song. It was a short set.

Only Coffee House In Town
Wilderness Of Smiles
Color Of Your Eyes
How Can I Miss You?

I think that driving 200+ miles, then getting out and playing a show is not my best idea. I could barely hold onto my pick, dropped it and grabbed my thumb pick and ended Hides with that.

Some of us went to Everest On Grand for lunch, then I drove back. Yeah, I drove back. I've slept too many strange places lately, I wanted to be home. And now I am.

So how was your day and how many miles did YOU drive today. I think I did about 430.
Tags: tillies

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