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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

I caucus therefore I am

I do have to say that Will Rogers is still right almost a 100 years later. It was a mighty cluster ... ahem ... pardon me for my almost bad language.

275 people crowded into a smallish lunchroom at a local school. When we were told to break up into groups everyone ran for the corners, and there were two in the undecided middle, myself and a young woman ... my ... if I was a 100 years younger. She made up her mind quickly, I decided to hang out for awhile, which made the evening as interesting as I wanted it to be.

Oh, first, in the early explanation part of the evening, there was a young woman who kept talking, and talking, and talking ... loudly, to people around her. I think, and I am only partially kidding about this, that she was a right wing stooge. She took over the Clinton group and things got a little weird as the evening went along. More about that later. First, my conversations with representatives from the various factions.

A very lovely, curvy, young blonde woman (can you tell where my brain is at lately?) came to talk to me about Obama. Here is what I said, more or less, to her.

Obama is going to make a great president in 8 years. Now he can't even face up to members of his own party in a debate, whoever gets the republican nomination is going to hand him his ass in a debate. He talks in platitudes, and says almost nothing. Now that can certainly be sold, and it seems to be working (he won last night after all), and he looked darn presidential last night during his victory speech, but I still have serious doubts. She responded well, with mostly positive comments about Obama. She did go into one very false line of questioning, that being who would I vote for, Obama or Huckabee in a very accusatory sort of way. I told her that was beneath her, and it was a very Faux News sort of question. I mean really, I was in the democratic caucus, did she really think that if I had doubts about Obama and he won the nomination that I would jump to the other side?

While I was talking to the young woman, a guy from the Edwards camp came and interrupted. And I mean interrupted. He started bad-mouthing Obama and I cut him off cold. That was a REAL Faux News moment. Attacking, rather than coming and telling me what Edwards had to offer. I tried to get him to tell me what Edwards stood for (I do know actually, but I wanted to see what he had to say, I was leaning towards Edwards anyway) but he kept bad-mouthing Obama. I finally cut him off and told him to go play somewhere else ... yes my exact words. He stomped off in a pout.

So back to Clinton. I think she would make a fine president, I do. But the problem is the election. If she gets the nomination, it is going to be the ugliest election ever. The right wing and the media are going to go after her with everything they can make up. I already see it on my friends list, where someone calls her a criminal repeatedly, but doesn't say how she is a criminal. It's good to see the big lie campaign is already out there.

I would love to see Richardson as president. But since he is by far the most qualified out there, he stands no chance of winning.

In the end I went to the Edwards camp, the gerbil who talked at me earlier was nowhere to be seen. In the end there were only 3 viable groups, like this was a surprise.

The count started, and three counts in a row came up with more than there were in the room. Finally the guy in charge simply marched everyone out of the room group by group, counting heads. The final count was Obama 92, Edwards 92, and Hillary 89. The funny thing was, the Edwards count remained the same throughout, while both the Obama and Clinton people had quite a few more in earlier counts, especially the Clinton group.

Delegates were chosen. As this precinct had 13, each viable candidate got 4, and the extra was given to Obama with a coin toss.

It was a great experience, as caucuses always are. It was interesting how much closer we were than the final count statewide. I also found it interesting that the democrat's caucuses outdrew the republicans by almost 2-1.

One fun headline on one of the local TV stations websites at the moment

Ron Paul Calls Iowa "Just The Beginning".

Yeah, just the beginning of you not getting the nomination. He says he is going to abolish the IRS, I still want to know how he plans on doing this.
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