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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?


With the help of my friend Isaac I am working on a band version of WYSIWYG ... we spent the afternoon yesterday planning out the drum tracks ... today I'm going over to put down scratch guitar and vocals ... which he will add bass to ... then i'll go back in the next couple of evenings to put down the final vocal and guitar ... unlike the version on the Some See The Glass Half Empty this will have the rant I do in the 3rd verse about how everything you see on the internet is true ...

The goal is to have the new version of the song ready to send to Dr Demento ASAP ...

Dr Demento is appearing at Marscon in Minneapolis in March ... and I will be appearing in the Festival Of Dementia thanks to him ... I want a song to perform that would appeal more to a fannish crowd than Bang My Bald Spot ... hopefully he will like this and be willing to play it at some point ... but more importantly in the short run that he will be willing to let me do it at Marscon ... I am doing a solo show the next night of the con ... and the idea of doing WYSIWYG in front of basically the entire convention is ... well ... a pretty nifty one ... we'll see what happens ...
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