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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?


Ok ... the radio station ran very cleanly ... few problems and none that mattered really (cept we started a little late ... but I thought that we would)

My show on the radio station ran very well ... both nights of the filk circle went well ...

songs that got played in the circles ... more or less ...

Roman Wall Blues (a couple of times through the weekend)
Hand Above The Water (A follower to a song by this woman named Erica Neely ... a great songwriter with a wonderful voice ... for more info)

I Want To Kill Everybody - Ed Haynes ... I mention this now because of the great goggle eyed reaction it got from Erica

A great version of Hides ... much better than the quite good version I did at my show saturday

The show on saturday ... approximately

Hey Dad
In Crosby Park (which I did some other time in the weekend as well)
Color Of Your Eyes
Roman Wall Blues/Hides
Almost Beautiful
Oh Shannon
Bang My Bald Spot
Low Self Esteem Talking Blues

I must have done a couple others ... but I can't remember ...

Now a few words about Howie Harrison

Howie is an exceptional songwriter ... a wonderful performer ... and is one of the most wildly hysterically funny people I have ever met ... he's been fighting health problems for some time now ... and is pretty rickity ... but MAN he can still tear an audience up ...

I can't make up my mind if the fact that he is best known for The Reincarnation Song (aka The Birdie Song) is a good or a bad thing ... on one hand it is a very funny song ... but he is a fine songwriter with some songs of rare beauty ... I've been listening to his CD the last day or so and man ... what a great songwriter ...

and he said the nicest thing about me ... and a rare comment from most folks ... that I should not do covers ... since my commitment to my songs is much more obvious ... cool ...
Tags: capricon, howie

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