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The MarsCon 2008 Dementia Track Fund Raiser CD!

A message to you from the great lukeski

As we did last year, the funds raised by this album will go to help cover the hotel room costs of our comedy music performers who are paying their own way to travel out to the Twin Cities to perform at MarsCon 2008 (Feb 29 thru Mar 2) for all of the wonderful con patrons there. However, the differences between last year’s collection and this year’s are pretty darn nifty.

First of all, this year’s collection is a TWO CD set! Over 2 HOURS of music and fun stuff!

Second of all, the collection is comprised mostly of LIVE CONCERT TRACKS FROM MARSCON 2007, featuring DJ Particle, Rob Balder, Sudden Death, The Gothsicles, Wyngarde, Eric Coleman, Possible Oscar, Worm Quartet, the great Luke Ski, Ookla The Mok, Beth Kinderman, Art Paul Schlosser, Carrie Dahlby, Power Salad, & Carla Ulbrich! It’s like living the whole weekend all over again, but without all the snow, the hangover, and cheese whiz to clean up.

Third of all, the collection has TWO NEW STUDIO BONUS TRACKS by MarsCon 2008’s Music Guest Of Honor, HOT WAFFLES, and newcomers to the con, the nationally renowned PAUL & STORM!

Fourth of all, when you order the 2-CD set online (which will be snail mailed to you), you’ll get to enjoy the collection right away, because you’ll be given a secure link to DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE 2-CD SONG COLLECTION AS 128k MP3s! You want instant gratification? You got it!

The price is $22.25 ($20 for the 2-CD set, plus $2.25 shipping). To order, follow this link:

Here’s the track listing:

Disc 1:
1. A short intro by Luke Ski
2. MarsCon Dementia Track (2007 Version) – the great Luke Ski
3. Red Star Woman – DJ Particle, featuring the Almighty DJ Milla
4. Always A Goth Chick – Rob Balder
5. Stalling For Time - Part 1
6. Cellular Degeneration – Sudden Death
7. Stalling For Time - Part 2
8. Konami Code (live) – the Gothsicles, featuring the great Luke Ski and Sudden Death
9. The All-Powerful Nate Boi Interviews A Drunken Rob Balder
10. Rich Fantasy Lives (a cappella live at the Dementia Radio Room Party) – Rob Balder
11. Cathy! (Lounge Version) – Wyngarde
12. Wyngarde Kicks Off Saturday
13. Pine City Motel Blues – Eric Coleman
14. Konami Code (unplugged) – Eric Coleman & Worm Quartet
15. Talk Nerdy To Me – Possible Oscar
16. Earn Hollywood Earn – Possible Oscar, featuring Wyngarde, the great Luke Ski, and Sudden Death
17. Action Jackson – Wyngarde, featuring Possible Oscar
18. Mr. Yuck – Wyngarde, featuring Possible Oscar
19. I'm Not A Girl – Worm Quartet

Disc 2:
1. Your Bird Smells – Worm Quartet, featuring the great Luke Ski
2. Stalling For Time - Part 3
3. You Don’t Know Jack – the great Luke Ski
4. Pac-Man – Sudden Death, featuring Worm Quartet
5. Play That Filky Music – Power Salad, featuring the great Luke Ski
6. Stalling For Time - Part 4
7. Number One – Ookla The Mok
8. Go To Bed – Ookla The Mok
9. The All-Powerful Nate Boi Interviews Luke Ski's Right Nipple
10. Fanboy (a cappella live at the Dementia Radio Room Party) – the great Luke Ski, featuring darkNES of the Gothsicles
11. Hannibal Lecter – Beth Kinderman
12. Human Guinea Pig – Art Paul Schlosser
13. I Really Did Go To School Naked – Carrie Dahlby
14. Katie's Dream – Power Salad
15. If I Had The Copyright – Carla Ulbrich
16. Luke & Devo Talk About Blindwulf & Logan
17. Robot Cat – Sudden Death
18. A long outro by Luke Ski
19. Nun Fight - Paul & Storm
20. The Yolk's On You - Hot Waffles

I hope you’ll all consider picking this collection up and supporting the MarsCon Dementia Track. For more information on what’s happening there this year, visit . Thanks, and long live funny music!

Luke Ski, Co-chair of the MarsCon Dementia Track

Feb. 29th, March 1st & 2nd, 2008
Bloomington, MN - Holiday Inn Select

This includes two Eric rarities, the as of yet unreleased Pine City Motel Blues (this is the best version of it I have done so far) and the cover of The Konami Code that wormquartet and I committed. Apparently it made darknes fold in half.
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