Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Wild Woolliness

So I decided that I needed to plug the CD last night ... so all I did was songs from the CD (hey there are only 4 songs so that's easy in 15 minutes)

When Joe Strummer died I did a Clash song ... when two of the Ramones died (some time apart) I did a Ramones song ... I didn't do a Bee Gees song last night ... they just never spoke to me ... is that cold and cruel of me ???

Started with In Crosby Park ... pretty good version ... I love the guitar riff ... I still think that it's the best thing I have written on the guitar ...
2nd was Caution Product Might Be Hot ... this is where things got odd ... I came to the end of the verse ... where I say "I'm gonna sue" ... I give it a moment's breath ... and suddenly ... a bunch of the audience shout it out ... I go into the chorus ... and at the end of the chorus ... they chime in with PRODUCT MIGHT BE HOT ... I told them that I was worried about them ... but now that they started it they had no choice but to carry on through the rest of the song ... which they did ... and most of the rest of the audience chimed in too ... scary stuff ...
I did what is probably the best version of Color Of Your Eyes to date ...
Bang My Bald Spot ... and ended up with a pretty shambolic version of Low Self Esteem ... I don't get it ... I mess up some of my favorites songs lately ... weird ...
Tags: boheme

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