Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The Radio Capricon pocket program

Here it is so far.

6:00 - 11:00 The Radio Capricon Mix
Get a preview of what you are in for as Eric wanders through the music that is getting played on the station this weekend at random.
Noon - War Of The Worlds
Radio Capricon always starts off Friday with this, no one is quite sure why. If you feel like it, ask Eric, but understand that he may answer you.
1:00 - P.D.Q. Bach
2:00 - Acoustic Madness (2 hours)
Nary an electric instrument in the bunch. For you folks with sensitive ears.
4:00 - Mad Music Dementia Top 20 with special guest DJ Particle (2 hours)
6:00 - Captain Blood
The 1937 Lux Radio Theatre Production of the greatest Pirate movie of all time. With Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. Oh, and don’t get Eric started talking about Olivia, he gets a little unreasonable about her.
7:00 - Oh No, Eric’s playing whatever he wants again.
Eric delves into his massive music collection to play a bunch of stuff he likes. Be afraid, this could get ugly
9:00 - SF-Fantasy Friday Night
Another odd mix of SF/Fantasy songs from folks that might surprise you. The Beat Farmers you say? Why yes, they are on this show.
11:00 - The Esoteric Realm
Angelica Dawn guides you through a labyrinth of the best in New Age, Space, Pagan, Space, Ambient and Space
10:00 - My Favorite Little Festival
A report from Mahtowa. Hear music from Eric’s favorite place to go play.
12:00 - The Dementia Revolution
the great Lukeski brings his internet radio show to Radio Capricon, This year it is the Dementia Top 20 Pirate Songs Countdown
2:00 - What The Filk?
Two hours of the finest from the world of filk courtesy of the Secret Empire
4:00 - Bilgemunky Radio
Bilgemunky unleashes a broadside of Pirate-Core - a groundbreaking musical genre that launches the traditional sea shanty into the 21st century! While the songs are all pirate, pillaging, and rum, the music itself can range from rock and rap to punk and alternative. To learn more about Bilgemunky's weekly Pirate-Core radio show and podcast, visit
6:00 - That 80's Show
Skinny Hair and Big Ties (or something like that), it's 2 hours of music from that questionable decade.
8:00 - Bull Goose Looney
3 hours of wacko music, including the dreaded Stairway To Heaven Theme Block
11:00 - The Esoteric Realm
Angelica Dawn guides you through a labyrinth of the best in New Age, Space, Pagan, Space, Ambient and Space
10:00 - F.O.E.
What does it stand for? Listen and find out.
11:00 - Go Home Already
Go Home Productions that is. Let's end the weekend with some mashups, bootlegs and remixes.
12:00 - Radio Capricon sinks beneath the waves
As the sun pulls away from the shore and our boat sinks slowly in the west, Radio Capricon signs off for another year.
The Radio Capricon staff are:
Eric Coleman
Angelica Dawn
the great Luke Ski
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