Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

That felt good

I did a serious set tonight at the open mike and my oh my did it feel good.

One I Chased Away
Things You Never Know
Perfect Moments
Roman Wall Blues (Auden/Harvey)
Shake That Thing (Alex Harvey)

I have not played Shake That Thing in front of an audience since my house concert at the Palatine Air Park sometime about a 100 years ago. I had problems placing the rhythm right here and there (hey Bo Diddley) but generally I thought it was a good version.

Perfect Moments went well, except my guitar was having some neck problems, so the note that walk up during the verses were a little muffled. I was finishing the song and thought, since I was in DADGAD, that I needed to go right into another DADGAD song, so I started wandering into Roman Wall Blues. I had my lyric book out, since the first two songs are a little dusty, and reached over with my left hand, since I was just droning on the strings, and turned the page RIGHT to Roman Wall Blues ... that was cool.

I think I said this tuesday after my set there, I'm starting to feel like a musician again. I'm not trying as hard and that feels really good. I've been feeling kinda bad about music in general lately, and the sets this week have done a lot toward setting that right. So ... (and we'll see if anyone replies this time) what sort of set should I do this weekend at Cap ...

What sort of set ???

All funny
All Serious
Straight half and half
Lean toward a little more funny
Lean toward a little more serious
Tags: ames progressive, capricon

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