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Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

The circle

It was a very fun circle tonight. Great music all the way around.

The highlight for me was filkertom doing Dervish. I want to state for the record, as I said just a bit ago ... Tom, that was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I know you think you bobbled the lyrics, and yes you did, just a tiny bit, not enough to matter. The main thing was, MAN does that work well with just your voice and your guitar. I forget sometimes what a great singer you are, and you certainly proved it in the circle tonight. It gave me chills, and the room's reaction backs me up. IMNSHO that needs to go into your regular set.

That said I played, or was involved in the playing of three songs, well, three and a half.

WYSIWYG - I think that was the best version I have ever done and a lot of it was due to the help of the room. Everyone played along and folks even sang along.

Sunset Boulevard - as part of Toyboat. I need to work out if I can deal with singing this along with gundo while I play the drums. Even though at the last practice he sang it wonderfully, I really LIKE singing this.

Amy the fiddler, who I think is on LJ, but I am too lazy to go look right now, did a fiddle tune, which leant itself to some of the stuff I do in Hides, which it melded into once she was done. She joined in and so did Jim, who I don't think is on LJ. Jim has generally been too shy to play much in the circles, but he took over the rhythm completely on Hides, driving the song REALLY FRIGGIN HARD. I change tempos a lot when I play Hides, so this took me WAY out of my comfort zone, and that was a very, very, very good thing cause it ended up, while loose, one of the best versions in a long time. Probably the best since Andy and I did it at the circle at Duck.

I needed that, I really did. I feel much better then I have much of the week ... now to try to get some sleep.

Angel is on the radio right now playing some very cool, very dreamy stuff. I think I will leave it on for a bit.
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