Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

It's about time ...

... for my Marscon commentary

WSPA-2 and I showed up at a fairly reasonable time. A little too reasonable, since we had to wait several hours to get our room. We finally did and headed straight to ... THE POOL !!! it was his idea

We were off to a nice quiet dinner, just he and I ... so much for that idea ... a bunch of gibbering nutcases had taken over the back of the restaurant and forced us, yes forced I say, to come sit with them. I do have to rant again about the wonderful buttons from I love my special button, I do. I may have to do a run of those. It did take us 15-20 minutes to get our check, which seems to be the theme for the hotel restaurant.

We went back to the room for a bit to crash out, since it had been a long week and came back down for the beginning of the concerts

Beth Kinderman
I do apologize, but I didn't see much of your show Beth. I listened to most of it though. I would have seen more if I hadn't been getting ready for the next gerbil very nice performer

Eric Coleman
I've talked about this show elsewhere ... I won't again cept that it was FUN !!!

Worm Quartet
GREAT show, one of the best I have seen him do, and ya know, I've seen him a lot.

The Gothsicles
WSPA-2 couldn't deal with the noise and dark and the people and such, so we went outside. Just before this though, I encountered a true creep nice guy, who complained that he had to shove me, and then miss a shot when I had to lean down to talk to my child. Anyone else have a guy shove past them trying to get a picture of some act? He didn't have a good time with me. Ask me, and I'll get out of your way, I'll even make sure other folks get out of your way. Shove me, and expect to be made fun of in a loud voice.

WSPA-2 and I went off to bed shortly thereafter. I'll talk more about exhaustion later.


Breakfast in the restaurant, more fun dealing with the staff.

Rob Balder
Great show, as always. I do want to say, for the record, I hate people who can really sing, you are now on this list ...

Sudden Death
You just get better and better, and you were damn good to start with.

Paul & Storm
Brilliance ... the highlight for me was WSPA-2 gleefully clapping along to the last song. In a few more years he'll know what it was about, and be SO EMBARRASSED !!!

Possible Oscar
I missed much of the show, sorry. Had to deal with the tables needing to be moved and other stuff. What I saw was great. I want that new album!

Hot Waffles
Geeze, who made these clowns the GOHs? Great show guys. Now I have to get a chance to listen to the new CD.

We went out into the lobby to get the group photos taken. I missed out last year, but I missed out on a lot last year. WSPA-2 was hauled up in the air so we could see him

FOOD !!!
And what food it was ... thank you dement1a, you took SUCH good care of us.

Then there was more swimming, and then I crashed out big time. The stress of the last few weeks, between 2 cons, running the radio station, getting a new track recorded and too much real life and health problems have kicked my ass. I am just now getting back to normal. I'm exhausted still, but doing better. We made an appearance at the Dementia room party, but only for a few moments. Went and got some stuff for WSPA-2 from the con suite and went to the room. I collapsed, he watched TV for awhile.


I got the car loaded, minus a couple of guitars for the smackdown and went to get a bit of food. The guy working in the bar/cafe/whatever was even worse at his job than the rest of the incompetent gerbils who seem to populate the food places in this hotel. This means that I spaced off ...

The Side Show
I'm sorry, I just saw the last little bit. What I saw was great.

Art Paul Schlosser
You have to see Art Paul live. You do. I have seen few more engaging and charming folks onstage.

Carrie Dahlby
I said this to Carrie, I will say it publicly now. Carrie, you just get better and better every time I see you perform. Your stage presence has climbed an amazing amount and the newer songs are leaps and bounds forward from your earlier stuff (which was just last year, right?)

Power Salad
Once again, a great show. The new material is amazing.

the great Luke Ski
LUKE !!! You need a saturday slot next year, so you can get to play an entire set. Quit giving yourself the short time slot.

Dementia Smackdown
The smackdown was great. Last year I think that Shoebox and I came up with, what was until then, the greatest possible Gothsicles cover. That honor has been taken away from us now. Art Paul, you rock. WSPA-2 and I did The Witch Doctor, along with the entire audience. He rocked, you guys rocked, I folked it up a few times. Thank you for playing along and supporting my appalling social disorders.

I did a quick interview with ... oh man, I can't think of her name ... I tried to to a bumper for her, but it kept coming out wrong. She says she's going to edit it so it's even wronger.

We started back and it looked like it would be an easy drive. We got to Mason City in about an hour and a half, just about right. The rest of the trip, which should have been about the same amount of time, took 4 FRIGGIN HOURS !!! Yeah, the Marscon weather gremlin followed me again.

I had an amazing time. WSPA-2 wants to come again next year and bring WSPA-1 so we can all play together.

It was an exhausting time, I wish I had more energy, but even with that, I had a blast.
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