Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now? (ericcoleman) wrote,
Is It Safe To Gnaw Through The Straps Now?

Why do I love the Worm Quartet ( ???

Here is one good reason

Ice Cream Has No Bones
(Tim Crist)
Exile the sausage police.  Noodle magnet? Carpet salmon?  Internal yodeling?  Only the dissection of erotic produce can make Ed care about the multi-antlered lunchbox crisis.  Hey!  My prostitute is evaporating!  Styrofoam anti-monkeys slide porklessly barnward.  Stop baptizing my toast!  I am the dental hat of corn and rage.  Why aren’t you cake?  The crippled octagon merchants are tired of flossing Brazil.  Marinate your pain!  Quality sucks!  Justify your kitten-swallowing trophy.  Butter comes from firemen.  What you call a sweater I call Satan’s Nipples!  Kid Rock’s gynecologist autographed this squirrel.  According to this road atlas, you suck!  Help!  Geometry is on fire!  Fish can breathe underwater but I can breathe owls.  Why is this strudel behaving?  My computer is full of meat.  Hey, nature!  Shut up!  Is France dishwasher-safe?  Frolic immediately or I will fucking kill you.  Flamboyant potato impersonators.  Tribe?  Tribe?  Those who sit on liver are 17 times more likely to staple ponies together than those who shave bricks.  Behold the semen queen and her ever-vomiting spork of tomfoolery!  Soiled pleasantries?  Incontinent bookends?  Stop having sex with that fotomat!  Arrest those chiclets!  Why do adverbs smell like lettuce?  I’m pickling this accursed crowbar!  Scarf?  Clams?  Weasel mucus for the Bisquick God?  Get away from my penis with that pricing gun!  A battery-powered carrot saved is a battery-powered carrot earned.

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